Senior Pastors Arthur & Sandi

our pastorsArthur & Sandi Ward, are the Founders and Senior Pastors of Rock City Harvest Church. While ministering the Gospel all across America as Evangelists, God revealed a VISION, a ministry of great magnitude that would ultimately bring him back to his home State of Arkansas.

Pastor Ward teaches the Word in it’s simplest form, encouraging the people through a unique preaching style, and raising a generation of believers that would impact our world.

Arthur is the youngest of eight children, born to a Missionary Baptist Preacher who was a sharecropper by trade. All eight children are born again, and many are directly involved in ministry to this day.

At the young age of nine his daddy, Edward Ward, Sr., asked him to preach while holding a meeting in a house in Pensacola, Florida. At the conclusion of this first sermon, three grown men came to know Jesus Christ.

Anointed by God, he has been called to lay hands on the sick, and bring restoration to backslidden preacher, and salvation to the sinner.


In 1969 Pastor Ward married Sandi Pierson a native Texan. Sandi’s lifelong dream was to be married to a preacher, and work along side him for the Gospel’s sake. And that is exactly what they have done, traveling all over the country, ministering in churches from coast to coast, and pastoring in Texas, Arkansas, & California.

Taken during a “LIVE” taping of their weekly telecast.